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Getting started as a new developer

These are the steps you will go through to be onboarded as a new developer on the team.

Access to GitHub

  1. You will need a Github user. Create one or sign in to yours.
  2. Ask your manager to add your Github user to this organization: "TeliaSoneraNorge", and to this team "divx-data-insight".
  3. Our repositories are typically prefixed by "ddi-", so you can just search for this from here.

Access to Amazon Web Services

Many of our components run in AWS, so you will need access to it.

The in this repository contains extensive information about how to gain access to AWS.


It also contains our teams environment setup for roles in these files:

  • divx-account-setup/telia-divx-di-dev/roles/
  • divx-account-setup/telia-divx-di-prod/roles/
  • divx-account-setup/telia-divx-di-stage/roles/

Add your name to the user list in each of these files and create a pull request for this change.

When you have a user set up, sign in to AWS.

Installing tools


Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning AWS infrastructure safely and efficiently.

What is Terraform?

On a mac:

brew install terraform