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Introduction to Privacy Services

Our Privacy Services APIs help companies solve GDPR compliance by providing several ways to configure and administrate privacy related functionality. This includes configuration and registration of data processing purposes, the data objects those purposes are connected to, 3rd party sharing of data, retention, etc. It also provides APIs that help you create consent dialogues and functionality related to a data subject’s rights in privacy management interactions in your own self service portals.

The Privacy Services APIs are centred around the concept of Projects. A project defines some basic privacy related metadata, such as data controller information, policies and jurisdiction that applies to your service.

Data subjects have certain data sets connected to them within a project:

  • Permission requests (consent & objections)
  • Privacy requests (delete, access & portability)
  • Permission state (a combined view of given permissions)

By utilising these APIs, you can:

  • Manage permissions to data processing from data subjects (consent & objections)
  • Manage privacy requests related to collected data (access, portability and erasure) from data subjects or on behalf of data subjects

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