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Privacy notification payload

The payload for privacy requests notifications will basically inform services that a privacy request has been created or changed, including a reference to what API the service need call to get the actual data to be acted upon.

This schema specifies the notification payload

Field Type Description Comments
projectId string The ID of the project
topic string The notification topic
endpoint string The endpoint to be called to retrieve the information this notification is about
requestId enum The id of the request that triggered this notification  

Notification topics for privacy requests

Topic identifier Description Endpoint to call
privacy-request-<type>-created-<environment> Triggered when a new privacy request has been created GET /privacy/v2/projects/{projectId}/{type}/{request_id}
privacy-request-<type>-updated-<environment> Triggered when an existing privacy request has been updated or changed status GET /privacy/v2/projects/{projectId}/{type}/{request_id}
privacy-request-<type>-withdrawn-<environment> Triggered when an existing privacy request has been withdraw GET /privacy/v2/projects/{projectId}/{type}/{request_id}
privacy-permissions-changed-<environment> Triggered whenever a user’s permission state has changed (approved/revoked consent and objections) GET /privacy/v2/projects/{projectId}/users/{userId}/states

High level notification flow examples

notification approval

notification objection

Payload example

  "projectId": "7fba66c8-9a67-4a06-8d70-7e5dffe9109d",
  "topic": "privacy.request.objection.created",
  "endpoint": ""