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List of predefined data group types

These data group types are used and defined by us as common data groups defined in the service itself. Using these data types means that we can programatically know the type of data processed.

All elements in this list follows Telia Division X’s Uniform Resource Name (URN) described below.

URN specification for "tdx" NID

Namespace ID: tdx

Declaration of syntactic structure: The Namespace Specific String (NSS) of all URNs that use the "tdx" NID will have the following structure:


where the "tdx-resource" is a US-ASCII string that conforms to the URN syntax requirements and defines a specific class of resource type. Each resource type has a specific labelling scheme that is covered by "resources-specific-string", which also conforms to the naming requirements. The only exception is that the character ":" shall not be used as part of the "tdx-resource" string. This is to avoid possible confusion.


The following examples are representative URNs. urn:tdx:user:c6c75926-56b9-4c42-9640-948e5bfc8ce7 Defines the URN to be used to identify a user with the internal identifier c6c75926-56b9-4c42-9640-948e5bfc8ce7.


Defines the URN to be used to identify a user with the identifier f1866c96-7f2e-4572-aeda-1d7c28ef5d0a within the context of client 18017c25-e0d3-482b-8efa-a5c6905e8f27.

urn:tdx:client:18017c25-e0d3-482b-8efa-a5c6905e8f27 Defines the URN to be used to identify a client with the id 18017c25-e0d3-482b-8efa-a5c6905e8f27.

Personal data group types

Type (URN) Title Description
urn:tdx:profile:basic Basic Profile Basic profile data from an IDP including:
• userID
• Primary identifiers used during authentication or onboarding (email/phone)
• Names (first & last)
• Birthdate
• Any non-identifiable common attribute like locale, timezone, etc)
• Gender
• Profile picture
• Usernames
urn:tdx:profile:extended Extended Profile All of the Basic Profile attributes from an IDP plus:
• Addresses
• National IDs
urn:tdx:activity:log Activity log Logs of interactions like calls to customer service, login to selfcare, chat logs, website visits, actions taken, etc, that is not already covered in support issues and tickets.
urn:tdx:identification:pii General personal identifiable information Name, title, address (work and home), former addresses, telephone number (work and home), IDs assigned by the controller.
urn:tdx:identification:gov Identification information assigned by government institutions, other than the social security number ID card number, passport number, drivers license number, license plate number, etc.
urn:tdx:identification:electronic Electronic identification data IP addresses, cookies, connection moments, etc.
urn:tdx:identification:localization Electronic localization data Cell tower data, GPS data, etc.
urn:tdx:identification:biometric Biometrical identification data DNA data, finger and voice prints, iris scans, facial recognition, finger or hand shape recognition, dynamic signatures, etc.
urn:tdx:personal:details Personal characteristics/details Age, sex, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, nationality. General collection by client, not tied to basic or extended profile.
urn:tdx:personal:physical Physical details Height, weight, hair color, eye color, distinguishing characteristics.
urn:tdx:personal:military Military details Military statute, military overview, military distinctions.
urn:tdx:personal:immigration Immigrant status Details regarding the visa, work permit, residence or movement limitations, special conditions related to the residence permit.
urn:tdx:personal:habits Private habits Tobacco use, alcohol use, etc
urn:tdx:personal:lifestyle Lifestyle Details regarding the use of goods or services, behavior by the data subjects or their family members.
urn:tdx:personal:travel Travel and movement details Information regarding former residences and movement, travel visa, work permits, etc
urn:tdx:personal:contacts Social contacts Friends, business partners, relationships with persons other than close family members.
urn:tdx:personal:possessions Possessions Land, property or other possessions
urn:tdx:personal:mandates Public mandates Functions within the local, regional, national or federal government, participation in government committees, working groups, or deliberative bodies, etc.
urn:tdx:personal:incidents Complaints, incidents, or accidents Information regarding an accident, incident, or complaint in which the data subject is involved, the nature of the damage or injuries, involved persons, witnesses.
urn:tdx:personal:distinctions Distinctions Civil, clerical, or military distinctions.
urn:tdx:personal:media:usage Media use Use of media and means of communication.
urn:tdx:personal:psychology Psychological details Opinions regarding personality or character.
urn:tdx:personal:marital:status Marriage or current form of cohabitation Name of the spouse or partner, maiden name of the spouse or partner, wedding date, date of the cohabitation contract, number of children, etc.
urn:tdx:personal:marital:history Marital history Details regarding previous marriages or partnerships, divorces, separations, names of previous partners.
urn:tdx:personal:family Details regarding other family or household members Children, dependents, other members of the household, other close blood relatives, parents and descendants.
urn:tdx:personal:interests Leisure pursuits and interests Hobbies, sports, other interests.
urn:tdx:personal:memberships Memberships (other than professional, political, or in trade unions) Memberships in charitable or benevolent organizations, clubs, partnerships, unions, organizations, groups, etc.
urn:tdx:personal:legal:suspicions Legal data related to suspicions Suspicions of violations, conspiratorial connections with known criminals. Inquests or judicial actions (civil or criminal) undertaken by or against the data subject.
urn:tdx:personal:legal:convictions Legal data regarding convictions and sentences Convictions and sentences.
urn:tdx:personal:legal:judicial Legal data regarding judicial actions Guardianship, temporary administratorship, internment, placement.
urn:tdx:personal:legal:penalties Legal data regarding administrative penalties Administrative penalties:
- purely disciplinary in nature;
- those that can be imposed on people who are not in public service but cooperate with them (physicians, pharmacists, paramedics, contractors of public works);
- those that can be imposed on people using public services;
- those that can be imposed for failure to comply with statutory or regulatory measures, e.g. littering on the public road.
urn:tdx:personal:legal:dna Legal data regarding DNA DNA data processed in the context of the law related to identification procedures through DNA analysis in criminal proceedings.
urn:tdx:personal:consumption:rental Rental data Details regarding the goods and services provided, loaned, or rented to the data subject.
urn:tdx:personal:consumption:lending Lending data Details regarding the goods and services provided, loaned, or rented to the data subject.
urn:tdx:personal:residence Residence data Address of the residence: nature of the residence, owned or rented property, duration of the residency at that address, rent, costs, classification of the residence, details regarding valuation, names of people who are in possession of keys.
urn:tdx:personal:health:physical Physical health data Medical file, medical report, diagnostic information, treatment, results of analysis, handicap or infirmity, diet; other special demands related to the health when managing a trip or a residence.
urn:tdx:personal:health:mental Mental health data Medical file, medical report, diagnostic information, treatment, results of analysis.
urn:tdx:personal:health:risk Data regarding risk situations and risk behavior Risk situations and risk behavior. Genetic data related to population studies, genetic research, etc. Genetic data related to population studies, genetic research, etc.
urn:tdx:personal:health:recuperation Recuperation data Data related to the means and procedures used during a medical and paramedical treatment.
urn:tdx:personal:education:academic Academic curriculum Overview of schools, institutions, colleges, and universities attended, nature of the completed courses, diplomas or certificates pursued, exam results, other diplomas awarded, evaluation of study progress.
urn:tdx:personal:education:finance Financial overview of studies Enrollment fees and paid costs, funding, payment methods, payment records.
urn:tdx:personal:education:qualifications Professional qualifications Certificates and professional trainings, special licenses (engineer’s license, etc.).
urn:tdx:personal:education:experience Professional experience Professional interests, research interests, academic interests, specializations, teaching experience, consultations.
urn:tdx:personal:education:memberships Membership and/or participation in professional organizations Details regarding the groups, committees or commissions involved, functions held, special interests, and participation records.
urn:tdx:personal:education:publications Publications Books, articles, reports, published audiovisual materials by the data subject.
urn:tdx:personal:employment Current employment Employer, title and role description, seniority, recruitment date, work location, specialization or company type, work modes and conditions, former positions and prior work experience at the same employer.
urn:tdx:personal:recruitment Recruitment Recruitment date, recruitment method, recruitment source, references, details related to the probationary period.
urn:tdx:personal:termination Work termination Termination date, reason, notice period, termination conditions.
urn:tdx:personal:career Career Prior employment and employers, periods without employment, military service.
urn:tdx:personal:ssn Social Security Number Social Security Number in the country of residence
urn:tdx:personal:ethnicity Racial or ethnic data Racial or ethnic data
urn:tdx:personal:sexual:orientation Sexual orientation Sexual orientation
urn:tdx:personal:political:tendency Political tendency Political convictions, party preference.
urn:tdx:personal:political:affiliation Political affiliation Membership in a political party, political functions currently held.
urn:tdx:personal:political:memberships Membership in an interest group or militant organization Membership in or support for an interest group or militant organization.
urn:tdx:personal:political:memberships:tradeunion Membership in a trade union Membership in a trade union or similar organization, functions held.
urn:tdx:personal:beliefs Philosophical beliefs Philosophical or religious beliefs
urn:tdx:personal:media:image Images Camera recording, photographic recording, video recording, digital photos, etc.
urn:tdx:personal:media:surveillance Surveillance images Images of security cameras.
urn:tdx:personal:media:sound Sound recordings Tape recordings, phone recordings, etc.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:identification Financial identification data ID numbers, bank account numbers, credit or debit card numbers, secret codes.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:means Financial means Income, possessions, investments, total income, professional income, savings, start and end dates of investments, investment income, debts owed on assets.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:credit Debts and expenditures Total expenditures, rent, loans, mortgages and other forms of credit.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:solvency Solvency Evaluation of the income, of the financial statute, of solvency.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:loans Loans, mortgages, lines of credit Nature of the loan, the amount borrowed, remaining balance, start date, loan period, interest rate, payment overview, details regarding the guarantees.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:assistance Financial assistance Benefits, assistance, gifts, subsidies.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:insurance Insurance policy details Nature of the insurance policy, details regarding the covered risks, insured amounts, insured period, termination date, payments made, received, or missed, status of the agreement.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:pension Pension plan details Effective date of the pension plan, nature of the plan, termination date of the plan, received and made payments, options, beneficiaries.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:transactions Financial transactions Amounts paid and payable by the data subject, awarded credit lines, sureties, payment method, payment overview, deposits and other guarantees.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:compensation Compensation Details regarding claimed compensations, paid amounts or other types of compensation.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:activities Professional activities Professional activities performed by the data subject: nature of the activity, nature of the goods or services used or delivered by the person in the record, business relations.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:agreements Agreements and settlements Details regarding settlements or trade agreements, agreements regarding representation or legal agreements, details regarding agents.
urn:tdx:personal:finance:permits Permits Permits held by data subjects.

Privacy data group types

Type (URN) Title Description
urn:tdx:privacy:permissions Customer consent/objections Records containing customer consent/objections or consent/objection history.
urn:tdx:privacy:requests GDPR event log Records containing logs of customer triggered GDPR events like right of access, right to be forgotten, etc. and the processing logs for these requests.

Location data group types

Type (URN) Title Description
urn:tdx:location:beacons Beacons location data Data records connecting customer and/or devices to beacon location
urn:tdx:location:gps Device GPS location data Data records with gps location of persons or devices
urn:tdx:location:wifi Wifi location data Data records from wifi network that can be used to locate individuals or devices.
urn:tdx:location:telco Telco location data Data records derived from telco network data that can be used to locate individuals or devices.