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Indicative List of Purposes

This list of indicative processing purposes can be used to help clients setting up their privacy configuration.

General Purposes

Purpose Explanation
HR Recruitment and selection of employees and intermediaries (brokers, independent representatives, etc.). Payroll administration, remunerations, commissions, and wages. Application of social legislation.
Personnel management Evaluation and management of employees and intermediaries. Planning of training and career.
Task management Planning and management of tasks, work loads and performance.
Workplace monitoring Monitoring the professional activities in the workplace via CCTV or IT systems, such as monitoring of email, Internet usage, telephones, etc.
Customer management Customer administration, management of orders, deliveries, invoicing of material and immaterial services. Solvency monitoring. Personalized marketing and advertising. Registering customers of a business and profiling them based on purchases.
Combating fraud and customer breaches Intended are activities to prevent and detect such acts.
Claims management Management of claims, including repayment of monies owed.
Vendor management Vendor administration. Management of orders received and payment of vendors. Prospecting possible vendors and their evaluation.
Donation collection Donor administration for a club. Prospecting new donors.
Public relations This includes creating goodwill for the organization.
Business intelligence Analyzing competitors and potential partners.
Registration and administration of shareholders or partners Maintaining a registry of shareholders or partners. The administration of their financial and other benefits.
Member management The administration of members, volunteers and sympathizers of a club.
Security Data processing to ensure the safety of people or goods.
Dispute management The management by natural persons, private bodies or public authorities of their own disputes.
Protection of society, the industry, or the organization Processing of data regarding persons that represent a certain risk, such as hooligans.

Government Purposes

Purpose Explanation
Taxes Levying taxes and the activities related to it: registering tax payers as well as calculating, collecting, and tracking taxes.
Subsidies Granting subsidies and the related activities: researching eligible recipients as well as calculating, paying, and tracking subsidies.
Permits Granting permits and the related activities: researching eligible recipients and tracking the requirements.
Processing performed by local government Processing activities performed by local government, such as processing related to population registers, personal IDs, civil registry records, etc.
Elections Maintaining voter rolls and organizing elections.
Immigration administration Maintaining an immigrant registry and tracking residence permits.
Land registry Creating and updating a registry of properties, levying property taxes and providing tax certificates.
Government records Management of the correspondence between the government service and the people who have voluntarily communicated with the service. Managing the data of people with whom the government service is not in a profitable relationship.

Justice and Law Enforcement

Purpose Explanation
Public safety Collecting and tracking information about people deemed to be a risk to public safety.
Criminal enforcement Detecting and tracking people suspected of crimes.
Regulatory enforcement Preventing violations of and supervising compliance with laws and regulations.
Judicial administration Maintaining rolls and registers.
Criminal records Registering criminal convictions.
Defending clients Management of criminal cases and interests by lawyers or other legal counselors in the interests of their clients.


Purpose Explanation
Student administration Creating a student database, organizing the curriculum and the exams, registering results and decisions. Calculating, invoicing and collecting of monies owed. Relations with alumni.
Student counseling Providing guidance counseling to students regarding their intellectual development, their psychological problems, and selecting career paths.

Culture and Well-Being

Purpose Explanation
Library Management Registering members of a library in a database, tracking their loans.
Public counseling Providing material and/or psychological counseling to people in need.
Employment counseling Counseling of unemployed persons and their training for new employment.

Government Benefits

Purpose Explanation
Administration of eligible recipients Collecting contributions, determining and awarding government benefits, including welfare assistance.

Health Care

Purpose Explanation
Patient care The diagnosis and paramedical treatment of patient, including the evaluation of the provided and yet to be provided care for the purpose of improving the quality of care offered to patients.
Medical coding Tracking of in-patient care and treatment for the purpose of invoicing.
Patient records Registering medical and in-patient information for management purposes.
Registering risk groups Identifying and monitoring persons with elevated medical risks.
Organ donor registration Creating databases of people willing to be organ donors as well as the promotion and use of such a database.
Medication inventory management Data processing related to the prescription and delivery of medication.


Purpose Explanation
Epidemiological research Research into the spreading of medical risk, morbidity, and mortality.
Biomedical research Research into the causes of medical pathology and the effect of medical treatments. Clinical trials.
Patient care evaluation Collection and processing of all data related to medical and paramedical diagnostics as well as therapeutic practices provided to patients for the purpose of improving the quality of care practices.
Scientific research Any act intended to determine paradigmatical, behavioral, and causal connections that are greater than the individuals to which they are related. Aimed at describing global phenomena.
Market research Studies related to the buying behavior, preferences and purchase intentions of people for the purpose of determining market strategies.
Historical research Processing of personal data from private or public archives for the purpose of analyzing a historical event or enabling such an analysis.
Genealogy Processing of personal data for the purpose of constructing a family tree or genealogical tree, family register or family list, etc.
Statistical research Any act intended to collect and process personal data necessary for statistical questionnaires or for delivering a statistical result (e.g. general announcement, help in planning and decision-making and in the service of science).

Banking and Financial Services, Insurance

Purpose Explanation
Account management The management of individual debit and savings accounts, whether or not a credit balance is present, belonging to customers of the financial institution. These activities include the payment transactions related to the account.
Wealth management This refers to the totality of actions performed by a bank, whether or not in a discretionary manner, in counseling customers in the management of their estate.
Corporate finance Providing services related to the distribution of capital, selling of shares, takeovers, and mergers.
Lending This refers to the totality of actions related to the estimation of risks incurred by a bank when granting credit, regardless of the nature of the credit.
Credit management This refers to the actions related to the monitoring and repayment of credit balances, including claims and the actions related to those claims, regardless whether a third party is involved.
Global customer overview The integration of all or part of processed data in the context of one of the finalities that are specific to the banking industry. This is for the purpose of coming to a conclusion of the overall profitability of customers and whether or not banking products or services customized to their needs shall be offered and to help the banking institution, in a general sense, to take the necessary decisions with regard to its customers.
Brokerage services The mediation between customers and financial institutions specializing in insurance, credit, stock exchange products, etc.
Management of personal insurance Insuring persons against uncertainties that damage the physical integrity or the family circumstances of persons. Risk analysis, management of policies, premiums and compensation. Reinsurance and dispute management.
Management of group insurance The group variant of personal insurance. Management of insurance against fire, accidents and various dangers. Insuring customers against damage to goods and possessions or against their liability for damage caused to third parties. Risk analysis, management of policies, premiums and compensation. Reinsurance and dispute management.
Industrial accident insurance Insuring employers against damage incurred by employees during work-related accidents. Risk analysis, management of policies, premiums and compensation. Reinsurance and dispute management.
Preventive research. Management of elevated risks. Processing of data across various branches of insurance regarding persons with an elevated risk for the purpose of avoiding unacceptable risks and fraud.


Purpose Explanation
Direct marketing Canvassing, activities and services offered to population segments by commercial companies, charities, or other clubs or foundations, including those of a political nature. The means of communication for these actions can be mail, telephone or other direct means (e.g. email). It is of no importance whether the addressee is already a customer or not.
Trade in commercial intelligence Sale after data processing, published by official sources (such as the Moniteur Belge/Belgisch Staatsblad), in combination with data acquired from other institutions.

Other Purpose

Purpose Explanation
Other purpose To be described by the controller.