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All notable changes to the Privacy Services will be documented in this file.

2018-12-04 - 14.20

Jira Ref            Title
DPS-260 Run integration tests on after deploy to sandbox and production. And abort the release in the case of failure.

2018-12-03 - 15.56

Jira Ref            Title
DPS-250 The property 'created' is not returned on POST party, dataGroup and purpose
DPS-263 Create a jira ticket creation template
DPS-198 Write integration tests for v2 API endpoints
DPS-251 Allow whitelisted project to have immediate DELETE
DPS-252 Upgrade v1 integration tests, and run them on release
DPS-227 Create script that imports all current states into Firehose
DPS-205 Setup Athena pipeline
DPS-254 Athena: Add referenceId table

2018-11-13 - 12.20

Jira Ref            Title
DPS-244 Rotate Basic auth secrets and redeploy so new secrets take affect.

2018-11-09 - 13.10

Jira Ref            Title
DPS-238 Update password masking for new multiValueHeaders

2018-11-08 - 11.40

Jira Ref            Title
DPS-238 updated descriptions of GET Privacy State and GET Privacy Data
DPS-217 Fix auto subscribe new logs
DPS-222 Renaming Cloudwatch class to CloudWatchMetics

2018-11-06 - 11.40

Jira Ref            Title
DPS-167 Align response statuses with documentation.
DPS-193 Embrace AWS:ssm to store secrets
DPS-208 Prevent use of duplicated subitems on purposes.

2018-10-24 - 11:00

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-219 Improve parameter validation and update deployment section of documentation
DPS-62 Create deployment checklists
DPS-216 removed retentionPeriod
DPS-213 Remove writes to s3 from api
DPS-165 do not allow purposes to be created without controllers
DPS-181 create aggregation log group
DPS-150 Collecting statistics with X-Ray

2018-10-16 - 10:33

Jira Ref            Title
DPS-204 Remove dynamoDb definition from serverless-framework. Only maintained by Terraform from now on.

2018-10-11 - 13:45

Jira Ref            Title
DPS-204 Prepare lambda v2DeleteResourcesByIdentity for follow up deployment (Removing trigger event with streamArn)
DPS-211 Perform reads of main resource and projects in parallel on most v2 endpoints

2018-10-04 - 14:12

Jira Ref            Title
DPS-171 On GET state, filter out datagroups, processors recipient that have been removed from purposes.

2018-10-03 - 10:40

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-83 Create new tables for v1 purposes
DPS-187 Fix deployment issue due to exceeding resrouce limit in stack.
DPS-199 Remove description of mashup GET configurations api from swagger
DPS-178 Use new tables for v1 purposes
DPS-199 Add script to get url for serverless environment
DPS-174 Implementing feature that remove all resrources for a project.
DPS-202 Remove abandoned plugin serverless-plugin-stack-config
DPS-194 Update documentation for new developer experience
DPS-203 Change POST project to take projectId in body instead of path parameter
DPS-209 Remove implementation for v1/resources endpoint
DPS-207 Reduce request time by populating referenceIdMapper in the background

2018-09-06 - 14:59

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-187 Upgrade node used in jenkins built simulate environment
DPS-178 Change v1 code to point to purposes-v1 table
DPS-199 Commented out GET configurations
DPS-199 Small script to get api url of particular environment

2018-08-30: - 14.15

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-190 Remove versioning of lambdas to solve deployment issue caused by to many outputs
DPS-140 Adding CRUD endpoints for Erasure
DPS-189 Fix logic around swagger validation of our api response.
DPS-164 Include access and erasure resources in identities/{identityId}/data endpoint
DPS-175 Adding support for scheduling full delete of project with all its resrouces. (Actual delete is added in follow up task)
DPS-12 Upgrading to run lambda function with node 8.10

2018-08-14 - 16:01

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-187 Remove all deployed v2 endpoints
DPS-188 Introduce nested stacks per privacy resource type. Re-add v2 endpoints

2018-08-03 - 10:30

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-141 Implement access CRUD endpoint
DPS-168 Delete referenceId on DELETE purpose
DPS-86 Add DELETE parties endpoint
DPS-155 Add DELETE DataGroups endpoint
DPS-173 Add delete project endpoint that flags a project with isDeleted = true
DPS-132 Add requestType to permission state to indicate what requestId points to
DPS-131 Update Joi restrictions on db models
DPS-172 Validate that project exists on all v2 requests. Validate identity exists on some request.
DPS-180 Return property warmupEnvironments to a simple list/array

2018-07-26 - 14:01

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-88 Alter output schema for multi-object GET requests
DPS-145 Trying to update an Identity with an alias list that includes the same alias twice will cause an Unexpected Error
DPS-138 Update Permissions and Objections to check that an Identity exists before writing state
DPS-147 CRU for datagroups
DPS-153 Setting integration test command in the package.json
DPS-87 Add filtering-out of outdate items on GET state requests
DPS-149 Creating script for deleting configuration data of Integration test
DPS-24 Add custom privacy database metrics to CloudWatch
DPS-83 Part 1: Created new v1 purposes table (not used yet)
DPS-81 Implement ACCESS data subject endpoints

2018-06-20 - 15:50

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-113 Integrate integration tests with privacy repo
DPS-17 Implement DELETE data subject operation in Privacy v2
DPS-122 Update Objections to enable initial posting of Status

2018-06-18 - 08:45

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-79 Implement v2/projects/{projectId}/identities/{identityId}/states
DPS-106 Implement CRUD for projectInfo

2018-06-13 - 14:33

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-111 Update objection privacy etc to be based on identityId instead of userId

2018-06-13 - 10:10

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-121 Update Permissions to enable initial posting of Status

2018-06-12 - 12:10

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-110 Remove /configurations/ from v2 URLs

2018-06-11 - 14:30

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-77 Implement Create & Update identity endpoints without aliases
DPS-133 Unhandled error instead of 404 on Get purpose when purpose is not found
DPS-134 Tweak the lambda names in order to cleanup API gateway

2018-06-07 - 13:05

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-29 On completed objection, trigger change in permission and eventually in state

2018-06-06 - 15:34

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-999 Determine which services these clientIDs belong to
DPS-117 Implement GET /identity/{identityId} endpoint

2018-05-31 - 13:40

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-63 CRUD for Permissions endpoint
DPS-128 U portal can not see users for Telia Wifi

2018-05-28 - 15:10

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-109 FIX Cloudformation resource limit and serverless

2018-05-27 - 16:01

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-993 Whitelist new SS in the privacy setup

2018-05-24 - 23:02

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-96 Update operationId in Swagger
DPS-82 Update Swagger with new and changed endpoints
DPS-123 Update Swagger file with correct meta information about the service
DPS-109 FIX Cloudformation resource limit and serverless

2018-05-15 - 08:28

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-97 Replace Winston logger with bunyan

2018-05-09 - 13:34

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-70 Move v1 API code into a v1 folder

2018-05-08 - 16:40

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-22 Privacy: Implement Configuration/Parties endpoint
DPS-61 Add Privacy documentation to DivX Portal Developer Portal
DPS-80 Rename v2ResourceBase and Notification-Model to PrivacyRequest and PrivacyRequestModel
DPS-89 Update getting-started-as-a-developer
DPS-59 Create CRUD endpoints for v2 configuration-purposes
DPS-44 Convert Privacy Request API document to swagger
DPS-108 Error is thrown when there is no queryStringParameters in APIs that utilise extractQueryParams()

2018-04-11 - 13:40

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-23 Implement V2 Objections endpoints
DPS-44 Convert Privacy Request API document to swagger
DPS-56 On POST configuration, we fail to add created (and updated) timestamp to data items
DPS-55 Consent: When storing state and given a payload with empty dataIds, do we add a dataItem without status to state?

2018-02-20 - 09:30

Jira Ref           Title
DPS-34 Consent: Update node dependencie

2018-02-19 - 12:25

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-658 Consent: Add logging of the projectId extracted from Bearer token
TAAS-691 Add the oauth public key envvar to docker consent simulation

2018-02-02 - 10:34

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-647 Consent messages are being rejected based on timestamps, but when the message is sent through again it will be accepted
TAAS-647 Allow timestamp with 3,2,1,0 decimals for milliseconds.
TAAS-286 POST consent doesn't validate userId in path
TAAS-286 Add the path parameter userId in invoke script.

2018-01-31 - 15:00

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-618 Consent: Make 'legalGround' into an enum in the swagger specification
TAAS-613 Consent: respondWithError will overwrite details in an ErrorHandler when the status code is 500
TAAS-422 Define and implement restrictions for referenceId (string + length + url friendliness)
TAAS-313 Consolidate reference data in /v1/configurations/users/{userId} to one section of the response and avoid duplication.
TAAS-627 Consent: Transition Travis jobs from running on 'precise' to 'trusty'

2018-01-30 - 09:00

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-286 POST consent doesn't validate userId in path
TAAS-611 Get the consent api from serverless
TAAS-583 V1 validation to satisfy the swagger changes. POST /configuration
TAAS-601 Getting consent to create custom environments on the fly

2018-01-18 - 16:30

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-326 Consent timestamps returned by API are unixtime (with miliseconds). Transition to ISO-8601, prefereably when bumping endpoint versions.

2018-01-12 - 12:45

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-466 Set appropriate Dynamodb read/write capacity
TAAS-536 Make dockerised version of consent run
TAAS-531 Calls to keep consent authorizer warm, causes 'unauthorized' and counts as a rejected request in logs and New Relic
TAAS-538 Throw an error using the ErrorHandler-class instead of the Error-class
TAAS-475 Consent: DELETE states endpoint failed to remove all receipts when user had a lot of them
TAAS-540 Warmup calls to lambda for GET receipts causes an error that shows up in New Relic

2018-01-09 - 14:20

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-519 Endpoint can return consented as int, when it is defined as string

2018-01-08 - 12:20

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-508 Storing consent with a valid purpose but an invalid data should not be possible

2018-01-08 - 10:05

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-497 Move consent solution to the new selfservice api url
TAAS-500 Run more db operation in parallel on POST consent

2017-12-13 - 15:30

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-233 It's possible to store a receipt without storing a state
TAAS-421 Add support for swagger validation of all API responses
TAAS-429 Consent: Swagger for GET state does not expect the referenceIds that it should
TAAS-441 Consent: Swagger-ui reports errors on our definitions
TAAS-402 Write tests and get familiar with consent-code

2017-12-06 - 09:10

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-381 Silently log if endpoints are providing valid output based on our swagger files
TAAS-397 Tried to use isObjectionable from configuration when creating receipt
TAAS-374 Consent: incorrect properties in response for users/{userid}/configurations
TAAS-398 Use slack to notify team when validation of json output fails

2017-11-21 - 17:00

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-289 Change gpg key for .env file
TAAS-241 Fix undefined projectId when querystring projectId is used
TAAS-260 Look into using Promise.all for Configuration.getConfiguration
TAAS-290 Double set of purpose in "answered"
TAAS-211 Swagger Validation for Post Configuration does not raise an error for malformed Purposes
TAAS-292 Fix Swagger so all endpoints can be used in swagger-codegen
TAAS-253 Create lambda function for webhooks
ID-919 Add privacy to the telia-norway sandbox environment.
TAAS-299 Update serverless.env.yml.gpg with the new environment variables
TAAS-232 Consent-Service: Fetch OAUTHPUBLICKEY from keycloak
TAAS-292 Fix Swagger so all endpoints can be used in swagger-codegen
TAAS-311 The example in swagger-ui is missing all properties
TAAS-155 Create GET /users/{userId}/receipts/{receiptId}
TAAS-321 GET receipts response do not validate against our swagger
TAAS-245 Update sinon version
TAAS-318 As an API consumer, I want POST consent to return a json schema instead of "Success"

2017-10-24 - 16:30

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-288 Missing "consented" in /users/{userId}/configurations

2017-10-23 - 16:30

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-262 Change POST consent to support referenceId
TAAS-270 Add to Swagger documentation
TAAS-218 Create new GET consent prompt api

2017-10-18 - 10:05

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-251 Lambda trigger for current state table
TAAS-256 Update swagger definition for ConsentState and ConsentReceipt
TAAS-202 Static outbound IPs for TAAS

2017-10-11 - 11:48

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-203 Enrich with referenceId in the GET current state
TAAS-196 Lack of thirdpartysIds arrays causes issues when updating configuration
TAAS-248 isBasicAuth-function is not docker compatible
TAAS-257 POST large configuration fails due exceeding lambda timeout

2017-10-05 - 12:19

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-217 Add missing fields to current state table

2017-10-04 - 09:09

Jira Ref           Title
TAAS-237 Improve logging in 500 scenarios
TAAS-192 Query with idp in the services API
TAAS-241 Fix undefined projectId when querystring projectId is used
TAAS-229 Internal server error on POST consent when project has no config
TAAS-242 Improve errors logs by adding request ID and request url to error message
TAAS-244 Update package.json versions
TAAS-220 Setup the jump account for Privacy team
TAAS-233 It's possible to store a receipt without storing a state