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Before you start

This section describes basic steps new or potential new clients should take to initiate a project aiming at implementing Ü.

Client roles

Implementing Ü may require a close collaboration between the new client organisation and the Ü-team - especially when migration of existing users is needed. Experience from prior implementations tells us it is vital that the client has a clear understanding of their responsibilities early in the process. We ask that all clients define and incorporate these roles in their Ü integration project:

  • Project manager – Overall responsibility for progress, reporting and decision-making
  • Technical architect – Technical lead at client
  • Operation manager – Responsible for operations
  • Support manager – Responsible for client support center
  • Privacy officer – Responsible for privacy dialogues and GDPR requirements

Additionally, it is important to incorporate these fields of responsibilities as early as possible:

  • Responsible for user data mapping of existing users (quality assurance)
  • Responsible for the migration process of users
  • Responsible for the client services integration with Ü
  • Responsible for privacy configuration and privacy request lifecycle

Standardised integration process

We have defined a standardised integration process that each new integration should adhere to. This process can be adapted by the client project with respect to its scope and complexity.



  1. Getting to know the client and their services
  2. Gather data about client services, organisation and their customers
  3. Initiating workshop to introduce Ü and available features

Functional design

  1. Define the exact scope of integration
  2. Define features that are needed to support your business strategy
  3. Define migration strategy for existing users

Technical design

  1. High level integration architecture
  2. Mapping of integration touchpoints between Ü and client’s existing applications
  3. Data model and data sharing between Ü and client services


  1. Client-side development (against our sandbox environment)
  2. Development and testing of chosen migration strategy
  3. Testing/acceptance test


  1. Prepare for production rollout (technical integration, communication, etc)
  2. Production deployment (against our production environment)
  3. Monitoring and quality assurance

Post launch

  1. Overview of conversion KPIs (before & after numbers)
  2. Technical integration optimisations (from an operational perspective)
  3. Retrospective analysis with improvements and lesson learned

OpenID Connect and OAuth2 standards

One of the main goals and principles of Ü is to provide a standards based approach to integration towards our services. This makes it easy and consistent for you to integrate your application by using standard libraries that follow the same standards as Ü.

Ensure that you and your team understands the concepts of, and that your systems have support for, OpenID Connect (to handle authentication) and OAuth2 (access to our APIs) standards. These standards have libraries support for various languages and platforms.