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Terms and Definitions


Ü, pronounced you (/juː/), is the name and brand of our identity and privacy platform. Ü is the “face” of Trust as a Service, the user focused part, where all contextual dialogues and interactions with the end-user happens.

TaaS or Trust as a Service

Trust as a Service (TaaS) is mainly our internal name for the identity and privacy services platform.


OpenID Connect standard (


OAuth 2.0 standard (


General data protection regulation. New privacy regulation coming into effect on may 2018. (


An application that uses or intends to use/integrate/access Ü identity and privacy services. A client has credentials that are required for accessing Ü APIs.


All privacy related functionality are centered around the concept of Projects. Projects contains configurations needed for interacting with Ü’s privacy APIs. Several API clients can share the same project configuration.

Level of assurance (LOA)

Level of assurance describes the degree of confidence in the processes leading up to and including the authentication process itself, thus providing assurance that the entity claiming a particular identity is in fact the entity to which that identity was assigned.