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User Experience Design

The on-boarding, authentication and consent flows are significant to the conversion rate of your service and to provide a great user experience for your end users. Ü login and permission dialogues, as well as the Ü portal application, aims to ensure people connect easily and control the personal info they like to share with your application. While we will continuously test and improve our UX/UI and any generic wording, you have the sole responsibility for writing the content needed to create GDPR compliant permission dialogues for your service. This includes any descriptions of purposes, data controller information, third party information, retention and descriptions of data you process.

To help you with this wording, we provide several tips and guidelines to help your customers become more engaged in regards to sharing their personal data and give consent:

  1. Use your user’s terminology, not lawyer speak. Write all the wordings in plain and easy to read language
  2. Each permission request should provide the user with solid values or examples
  3. Motivations of sharing data are stronger if they clarify the user’s personalization or financial benefits
  4. A more trustworthy company will gain more trust from the users, hence more data. Be clear  and honest about your service and privacy policy
  5. If you don’t need the data, don’t ask
  6. When in doubt, test it with your users before finalizing the wording
  7. Always consult your privacy officer before finalising the wording

Visual Design

The Ü logo and co-branding design are provided to ensure a consistent user experience across any service your user interacts with using their Ü account. Please follow these principles and guidelines in your implementation:

  • The Ü logo should be clearly displayed
  • Create a partnership environment where the Ü brand feels organic to the experience
  • Use the Ü colour palette when applicable
  • User Ü font Nunito Sans when applicable. E.g. the “login/sign up with Ü” button should use this font
  • In the client’s universe, include a introduction to the Ü service, prior to the user entering into the Ü universe
  • The client name and client logo will be present in the Ü universe, make sure it is always up to date and correct
  • Please refer to our branding guideline if in doubt

Branding guidelines

The Ü branding guideline: