Telia can provide you with the connectivity you need, on your terms. We have a long history of providing the fastest 4G-network. Now, Telia is proud to be the first operator in the Nordic to offer Narrowband-IoT in our network.

New generation connectivity

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is one of the big drivers behind the growth of Internet of Things. The next generation of cellular standards brings new protocols especially developed for Internet of Things. NB-IoT is one of the new low-power protocols, alongside EC-GSM and Cat-M1. What characterizes this network is the unparallelled coverage, enabling deep indoor and sub-terrain connectivity, lower cost, long battery life, and possibilities for a large number of devices connected to the same base station.

7 x better coverage

Because of the lower data rate, NB-IoT has much better coverage. It can send through concrete walls, and you can get reliable connection in basements and rural areas where this was previously not the case.

10+ years of battery life

No kidding. Because of the power efficient protocol combined with a deep-sleep mode devices on NB-IoT can last for years without charging. This allows for low-maintenance mobile installations, as well as fixed installations without power or communication lines.

Reduced device cost

Because NB-IoT does not require all the advanced features of a full speed 4G radio, the price of a NB-IoT-only device will be far lower than today’s cellular modems. In fact, the low cost is a feature in the standard set by 3GPP to ensure that NB-IoT will be the best choice for a huge quantity of devices.

Get in touch and we will make it happen

Compared with Lora and Sigfox, NB-IoT operates in the licensed spectrum and Telia and other telecom companies can make use of our already established base stations when building it. This will ensure a rapid roll-out throughout the country. Users will enjoy the service quality they are used to from the cellular network together with a high level of security, including end-to-end encryption.

Telia has already provided NB-IoT for some customers in Norway, and we will build out the network where our partners and customers need it until we have full coverage in our markets.

Get in touch with us and tell us about your plans and needs, and together we will make it happen.

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