Our consent management service helps you bring the world closer, on the user’s terms, by enabling you to create trust and transparency and give your users control of how their data is used.

Flexible integration

Privacy is rapidly becoming a defining issue of the digital era where consumer trust is essential for your success. You can implement your service with Telia Identity Solutions and get our Consent Management Service coupled with it or utilise our consent management APIs together with your own ID solution and design your own UI.

The consent management service provides consent receipts in a format that links notice requirements into a human and machine readable format. Enabling compliance and regulatory requirements for your service.

If you choose to integrate with our identity solutions, we’ll take care of building continuously improved and tailored consent interactions through user tested and validated dialogues and privacy dashboard.

Based on proven standards

Telia’s Consent Management Service is based on the UMA protocol. UMA (User-Managed Access) is an award-winning OAuth-based protocol designed to give a web user a unified control point for authorising who and what can get access to their online personal data, content, and services, no matter where all those things live on the web

Compliant services

Make sure you and your business are compliant when the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018. Respect your users integrity and achieve data protection compliance at the same time by using our Consent Management Service.

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