Telia Device Services make it easy for you as a developer to get started with Internet of Things. Connect your devices and observe the data they provide within minutes.

You control your data

Internet of Things is about collecting and understanding data received from devices, and use that data to make better decisions, be more efficient, predict maintenance, and make life easier. Ultimately it will simplify your products and processes, and create new business opportunities. Telia Device Services provide APIs and Self Service access to our Device Registry. This Registry allows your users to control the devices they own and their provided data, control the applications that may read data from these devices and transfer of ownership when/if the device is sold.

Use with any IoT Platform

There are plenty of standards and platforms out there. Telia Device Services are built to work on its own, as well as integrate with multiple of established IoT platforms, like IBM Watson, Cumulocity, Particle and Amazon IoT. When your Devices are connected to one of these platforms integration with Telia Device Service will enable data-enrichment and secure data-sharing.

We support common protocols and integration schemes to provide quick and easy integration for your application. Integrations supported includes MQTT, WebSocket, HTTPS and CoAP.

Reliability is at our core

When choosing Telia Device Services you get a proven, scalable infrastructure that is as reliable as the Telia mobile network. This service will protect and enhance your devices and data streams by building on Telia Identity, Telia Consent and Telia Purple Pipe.

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