Our Identity Solution provides you with a suite of services to help grow your business, reduce login friction and build trust with your users by empowering them with strong privacy controls.


By implementing our solution you can offer an effortless sign-in experience to your users. The user verifies their identity through their mobile phone, meaning no more forgotten passwords and the cumbersome task of resetting it.

If your users are visiting your site or application while on the mobile network (4G), they can be seamlessly authenticated - no login flows required!


We place end-user’s privacy before anything else, which means your application can only obtain the user’s profile information after they have given their consent to it. This ensures that users are in control of their data and who have access to it at all times.

This also ensures that your service will be in compliance with privacy regulations, in terms of processing and accessing personal data.


Our identity solution is free to use and available for anyone. Your users don’t have to be Telia mobile subscribers to have an account. We embrace proven, open and interoperable standards like OpenID Connect 1.0, SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0 and UMA enabling you to implement strong authentication and authorisation mechanisms in your products and services

Key features

Personalised experiences

Great experiences start by giving people control. With our login solution, people can choose which information they share with you by giving consent to certain information you can ask for during the login process. They can still get the benefits of logging in even if they feel uncomfortable granting access to certain personal information the first time. Personalized experiences are more engaging and lead to higher retention. You can always request more information later once you've explained how the person's experience will be enhanced.

Progressive Identity

WIth our login solution, you can choose what kind of authentication is needed to interact with your service. By requiring higher levels of assurance through verification from national ID providers or multi factor authenticators you’ll have the flexibility to progressively know that the user interacting with your service is who they say they are. Knowing who your users are enables you to create personalised customer experiences and meaningful connections.

Consent dialogues

Together with our consent management service we allow you to gradually ask for consent to personal information. You don't have to request all the information you want up front — you can do it over time. This means people can quickly and easily create accounts in your application and as their experience with your application deepens, you can request additional information to further enhance their experience.

Portable profiles

Our users have the ability to provide you with the information needed for you to enable personalised and contextual experiences with your products and services. By integrating with our identity service, you will be able to target your visitors with personalised content or advertsement based on their preferences and interests, seamlessly and transparently.

Portable privacy

Through our audience targeting and analytics engine you will be able to create convenient personalised experiences and gather actionable insights on your audience. This enable you to build better products experiences without sacrificing end-user privacy. With our contextual consent dialogues you will also be able to create engaging interactions with end-users, asking for personal data in a convenient and transparent way, where it contextually makes sense.

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