Purple pipe

Get real-time access to data from all your things, your web applications, sensors, or your internal systems. Set up event streams in our safe environment within minutes, and consume or store the data you are interested in, for further analysis and insight

Real-time event processing

Process large datasets in real-time with a scalable solution that gives you the possibility to focus on what is important: analysis of your own and enriched data. The rest you can leave to us. By making real-time applications based on information as they happen you can make decisions on usage and insight, not by assumptions. You can give your users value by reacting to the environment around them, as they happen.


Enrich your data on the fly by combining it with other relevant data: bring your own or browse the data marketplace to match up with relevant information. Everything backed by our consent management service to let your users be in control and make privacy a first-class citizen in your applications.


Set up one or more streams via our self-service tool and access it directly via our APIs, or via direct access to your own data stream (contact us for more information) for even more control of how data is processed. Purple Pipe have a share-nothing architecture where every client's data is separated from each other. Security comes first. It is built to accommodate large datasets with highly scalable components that will deliver data to your platform in a instance.

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