Why are we doing this

Watering is one of the biggest issues for the modern farmer that keep them awake at night and requires them to be alert and available 24/7. If something goes wrong the high-pressure water will cause costly damages in minutes. To prevent this from happening, farmers have to be present and inspect their watering systems frequently. When you have several systems running simultaneously you spend a lot of time travelling between them, leaving little time for other tasks.

What is Smart Agriculture

With a new product from 7sense Technologies farmers will control the status and position of all their irrigation systems comfortably from their smartphone, tablet or PC. Equipped with sensors monitoring the water pressure, GPS for positioning, and Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity, the product is just what farmers need to regain peace of mind during the watering session. Relying on the unparallelled coverage of NB-IoT, very low power consumption, and the superb quality of service on the cellular network, farmers will enjoy the simplicity and control the product gives day and night, season after season. The result; no more costly damages from watering, and plenty of time for other tasks.

How did we build it

This product, developed by Telia and 7sense Technologies, is the first NB-IoT device in the world for Smart Agriculture. 7sense Technologies has many years of experience with building solutions for agriculture. Telia met them for the first time just before summer, and both parties found that we have mutual interests and compatible technology and competence. 7sense designed the sensor, and Telia provided the modules with support from Huawei and Ublox. If you want to learn more about NB-IoT, how it can improve your work processes, or how to develop solutions together with Telia, please contact TeliaNext for more infomation.