Why are we doing this

Norway is perceived to have fresh and clean air. However, in urban areas, and particularly during winter, the air pollution exceeds the limits set by the EU and causes health problems. Certain groups with asthmatics or perspiration problems are particularly challenged, and are bound to stay indoor when the air pollution is high. Politicians and citizens are obliged to act to reduce air pollution. Realising that there are no quick fixes, we need to know how to reduce exposure and minimise health risk when the pollution is high.

What is Clean Air

This is where Clean Air makes the difference. On the CleanAir site you will have access to air quality data in Oslo and the solution can log your whereabouts and calculate your exposure to potentially harmful pollutants. On the move, the solution can show you a route that is less exposed to air pollution, and when planning your day, the forecasting tool will enable you to avoid peak hours for air pollution either if you are biking to work or going for a run.

How did we build it

All this is made possible thanks to a network of connected sensors on the BySykkel racks in Oslo, estimation models from NILU (the Norwegian Air Quality research center) and positioning data from Telia. All collected, processed and made available through Telia’s IoT-platform.